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Leverson Budke Estate Planning Attorneys are committed to safeguarding your legacy without judgment. Rest assured, your interests will be protected and your wishes respected throughout the entire estate planning process.

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We understand that planning for the future can be complex and overwhelming, especially when it comes to securing your family’s legacy. At The Law Offices of Leverson Budke, PLLC, we offer comprehensive estate planning services tailored to your unique needs. We help you navigate your options and ensure your wishes are respected. You need a St. Paul estate planning attorney who anticipates potential challenges and keeps you informed throughout the process. No matter your estate planning goals, we leverage our extensive expertise and knowledge to safeguard your assets and your family’s future.

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A wills and trusts lawyer specializes in estate planning, assisting clients in creating wills and trusts to distribute assets, designate beneficiaries, and appoint guardians or executors. Their expertise ensures compliance with laws and minimizes disputes and tax liabilities.

Wills & Trusts Lawyer


An asset protection lawyer specializes in safeguarding clients' assets from creditors, lawsuits, or financial risks. They use legal tools like trusts, insurance, and business entity formation to minimize vulnerability while adhering to financial regulations and laws.

Asset Protection Attorney MN


A power of attorney lawyer specializes in drafting and advising on power of attorney documents, which grant a designated agent the authority to make decisions on behalf of the principal. They ensure compliance with laws and accurately represent the principal's wishes.

Power of Attorney


An Advanced Directive is a legal document allowing individuals to express their healthcare preferences if they become unable to make decisions themselves. This can include medical treatment, life-sustaining measures, and end-of-life care. Two common types are Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

Advanced Directive Lawyer


A tax planning lawyer is an attorney who specializes in assisting clients with strategies to minimize tax liabilities and maximize financial benefits. They advise on income, estate, gift, and business tax matters, helping individuals and businesses navigate complex tax regulations, avoid penalties, and ensure compliance with tax laws.

Tax Planning Lawyer


A Business Succession Planning lawyer specializes in helping business owners create and execute plans for transferring ownership and control when they retire, become incapacitated, or pass away. They advise on legal and financial aspects, such as identifying successors and tax implications, to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success.

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    When it comes to planning your estate, you need an attorney you can trust and who will treat you like a valued client – not just another case. It’s crucial to have a lawyer with the expertise to safeguard your interests and take the necessary steps to ensure your wishes are respected. This is precisely what we provide at The Law Offices of Leverson Budke, PLLC.

    We have successfully assisted clients in creating comprehensive estate plans that cover a wide range of needs, including wills, trusts, asset protection, and more. Additionally, our dedication and expertise have helped many navigate complex probate processes and secure their family’s future. Don’t let estate planning overwhelm you or leave your family’s future uncertain. Instead, let’s work together to develop a plan that safeguards your legacy and minimizes any potential complications for your loved ones.